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At POCO Cleaning Services we provide professional industrial cleaning services such as warehouse, clean room, and factory plant cleaning. Our qualified full-time staff will assist in cleaning and maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene within the industrial work place. We have high standards for cleanliness and we are committed to ensure customer satisfaction. We use the latest advance equipment and machine for our cleaning services to maximize efficiency. Our cleaning staffs are highly trained to ensure safety while working and well understanding of the work scope before the start of the job.

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Our Services

Industrial Cleaning

Industrial cleaning services require stronger cleaning material and more stringent cleaning method in order to remove tough dirt which is typically associated with industrial manufacturing processes.

Commercial Cleaning

Our Commercial cleaning services are available daily, weekly or monthly. Depending on the size of office space and the amount of employees your business hires, commercial cleaning frequency might differ.

Engineering Maintenance Services

Our maintenance team operates efficiently delivering pro-active planned maintenance and responsive reactive maintenance services and ensuring we are always connected to our client’s needs.

Plant Hire

POCO Cleaning services can provide our valued clients with expert advice, competent and highly-skilled operators and a seal of guarantee of excellent service to support our impressive fleet of plant machinery and equipment available for hire.

Residential Cleaning

As residential cleaning in more common service, our domestic cleaning staff are available on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

General Supply

We supply mining and heavy industrial cleaning material,Pumps,Valves,Bearings,Electrical, Hand tools Plant hire

  • Fast and reliable
  • Fairness, transparency and people growth
  • Strive toward building long term relationships with clients
  • Our mission is to be a preferred supplier

Why Choose Our POCO Cleaning Service?

Our cleaning staffs are highly trained to ensure safety while working and well understanding of the work scope before the start of the job.

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